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Some of our supporters include:


How you and your business can get involved

Support Financially


It costs over £2,000 each week to keep Sanctus running.  Core costs such as electricity, insurance, petrol and covering our basic bills even is a struggle. Could you or your business support us financially through a one off donation or ongoing support?


We are registered for Gift Aid so any donations from UK taxpayers are eligible for gift aid for individuals or tax-exemption for businesses.



Do you have any surplus stock, end-of-line products or food contributions that you would like to donate to Sanctus for the homeless?


We are currently in need of items such as catering equipment; food; clothes and toiletries as well as gardening tools for our allotment. We also welcome gift vouchers or items we can sell on EBay with an estimated value of £5 and above.


As a mainly self-funded charity we would like to thank our volunteers, partners and sponsors for the kind donations and support. If you are able to help too, it would be most appreciated, feel free to: